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Simple Hydraulic Calculator 2.3.6

This is a free maintenance update for all users. Changes include:

  • Safety margin % has been added to the report summary page information
  • Imperial gallons and cubic meters per hour are now supported
  • Report option added to allow or disallow graph rotation
  • Report option added to extend the hydraulic graph to the "water" command's entered flow rate
  • The report paper margin will no longer be smaller than 3/4" in order to increase compatibility with some printers
  • Added pipe material codes BFLO2, BLITE2, BTHRD2, and YFLO2. Use these codes in lieu of outdated codes BFLO, BLITE, BTHRD, and YFLO.
  • Backflow Direct has provided loss curves for their Deringer line of backflow preventers. These are now included in the default insert.txt file (Insert menu of SHC). Note - users who have modified their insert menu text file will need to copy those changes to the new insert.txt file. The existing file is not deleted. It is renamed to insert-2-3-5.txt. Both files may be found in the Window's folder "This PC -> Documents -> Igneus -> SHC2".
  • SHC now warns during a source calculation when reference node pressure or head sicharge is below designated minimums.
  • SHC now warns when flow rate in a device exceeds the last flow value in a BFP, BP, or PUMP command.

Sprinkler Fitter Calculator

Professional feet and inch calculator. Free for Windows based computers. Small cost for Android based phones (and app contains no ads).

Igneus Hydrant Flow Test

Free flow test application that is capable of printing professional fire hydrant flow test reports. Reports may also be saved as a pdf file.