Igneus Cad Utilities

The Igneus Cad Utilities is an open source collection of cad commands designed to aid automatic sprinkler system designers. Licensed under the Mozilla Public License, these utilities are free to use by anyone.

The Igneus Cad Utilities adds five commands to your CAD program: fpoptions, trimheads, pipeline, exportSHC, and importSHC. All new commands are programmed entirely in the industry standard AutoLisp computer language. This language is natively supported in many modern CAD programs, such as AutoCad and Intellicad. Additionally, anyone with AutoLisp experience may easily modify these commands to suit their own needs.

Currently at version 0.7, the Igneus Cad Utilities are ready for public release. However, more functionality needs to be added before the Igneus Cad Utilities reaches the version 1.0 milestone. So be sure to let us know what kind of functionality and features you need to see added. While all suggestions may not be used, all suggestions will be seriously considered.

So if you are a CAD user - and especially if you are a CAD and SHC user, download and try the Igneus Cad Utilities.