Simple Hydraulic Calculator

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Welcome to the Simple Hydraulic Calculator (SHC for short). SHC is a powerful, flexible, and full featured fire sprinkler hydraulic calculation program designed from the ground up for automatic sprinkler system designers and engineers.

editor and demand view windowsSHC can hydraulically calculate your sprinkler systems using the Hazen-Wiliams and Darcy-Weisbach friction loss equations in accordance with NFPA 13, BS EN 12845,  and other standards. Any piping configuration is supported - trees, loops, grids, and completely custom layouts. You may even use multiple water sources, pumps, and backflow preventers.  For a complete list of SHC's calculation abilities visit the feature list page.

SHC uses a powerful, flexible, and fast method of data entry. See the data entry page for more information.

Evaluating your sprinkler system design is even more important than entering the data. SHC has the tools you need! See the calculations page for details.

And SHC doesn't fall short during submittals. Professional looking code compliant hydraulic calculation reports can be printed or saved as industry standard pdf files. Learn more on the reports page.

Plus SHC is shareware - YOU GET TO TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT - NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED! Make sure you do! We don't want anyone buying the program before they try it.

low pricesLastly, we didn't copy our competitors when developing SHC and we won't copy their prices, either. A single license of the Simple Hydraulic Calculator is only $299 (U.S. or Euro). And if you need multiple licenses the cost is even less. See the purchase page for details.

So be sure and download the Simple Hydraulic Calculator. Try it out. You just might find a better and more powerful hydraulic calculation program than you thought you would - and save some $$$, too!

And thanks for visiting. We appreciate the time you're taking to check us out!