Simple Hydraulic Calculator

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Data Entry

SHC's data entry method is quite different than the typical sprinkler system hydraulic calculation program. Instead of locking you into a rigid spreadsheet style interface, SHC uses a command based data entry method with a highly advanced syntax highlighting data editor. This style of data entry is more flexible, more powerful, and - with a little experience - faster than spreadsheet style input.

SHC editor window

Don't panic! SHC's excellent "Getting Started" guide will have you on your feet in no time. And the SHC data editor always provides you with some help. In the picture above, SHC's real-time error checking marks the typo in red. The automatic syntax highlighting is also coloring comments in green and commands in blue. (Comments can be placed almost anywhere in your data file - why don't others allow this?) And notice that SHC displays the command format at the bottom of the window based on your cursor location.

SHC also let's you work the way you want. Do you like to define reference nodes first? Fine. Do you like to enter pipes first? That's fine, too. Do you want to group related pipe and node definitions together with lots of comments? No problem.

popup helper

"Pop-up" helpers eliminate the need to memorize fitting codes, material codes, c-factors, or absolute roughness values (for the Darcy-Weisbach equation).

editor proposal

Intelligent "proposals" anticipate your next command or parameter value. Simply tap the ENTER key on the keyboard to accept the "proposal" or ignore it and keep typing. Often the ENTER key can just be held down to quickly define multiple reference nodes or even pipes!

group edit

But what good is fast data entry if changing that data is slow. With SHC, edits are as easy as using a word processor. You have the freedom to move anywhere in the data file and change anything.

And group editing makes changing all the k-factors, elevations, lengths, etc. in a selection painless and quick.