Simple Hydraulic Calculator

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After every successful calculation, SHC displays the Calculation Results window.  All relevant pipe, node, and system information is displayed here in easily navigable tables.  This window is fully resizable to show as much or as little information as you want. Node and Pipe information can be sorted (ascending or descending) by any value shown.  Value columns in the pipe information table can even be changed to suit your needs. Best of all - this window can stay on screen in full view while you continue to edit your system data! Such a simple idea and yet so many other programs don't allow this.

calculation results window

LiveLook information bar The Calculation Results window may be the primary tool for sprinkler system design evaluation but it is not SHC's only helpful tool for system evaluation. Built into the SHC Editor window itself is the "LiveLook" information bar. Move the editor's cursor (or drag the mouse cursor) over commands and their parameters to instantly view relevant calculation information. This is perfect for quick spot-checks of individual pipes and nodes.

system demand window

Need to view the system's hydraulic graph? Want to use it in another document? SHC has you covered! The system demand window displays the hydraulic graph and a pressure use pie chart. Both can be saved as a jpg, wmf, or bmp file. Don't like the scale shown on the hydraulic graph? No problem. Simply resize the window, using the mouse, until the graph looks perfect - then save!

The system demand window may even be left open on your computer screen while editing your input data. It also updates itself automatically after a recalculation.

flow diagram window

And when "system helper" commands are used (see the included Getting Started guide), the flow diagram window may also be displayed. This window makes it easy to check remote area placement and proper piping configuration.

And like the other windows shown above, this window is resizable and can be left open while editing your input data.

So whether you have a big computer monitor or small, SHC has you covered with tools easily configurable to fit your available screen space.