Simple Hydraulic Calculator

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report options dialog

Professional looking code-compliant hydraulic calculation reports are a must. SHC is fully capable of meeting NFPA 13-07's, NFPA 13-10's, and BS EN 12845's report requirements. SHC even allows you to add columns to the pipe and node information pages when needed, use color to help highlight calculated information, shade alternating lines to visually aid reviewing, and sort the pipes and nodes by name (label) or by calculated path (similar to hand calculating). All these options are easily accessed in SHC's options dialog window.

report save as menu SHC even allows you to save the report as: a standard pdf file for electronic distribution to people who don't have SHC; in html format for posting on web sites; and in plain text for easy importation into word processors, CAD, and other programs.

To view a sample of SHC's pdf report, click here. This report was made from the data file you'll create in the "Your First System, Version 2" section of the Getting Started guide.