SHC Feature List


Advanced Hydraulic Calculation Engine

  • Hazen-Williams friction loss formula
  • Darcy-Weisbach friction loss formula
  • BS EN 12845 mode
  • Simultaneous Hazen/Darcy mixed formula - calculate part of a system with the Hazen-Williams formula and part with the Darcy-Weisbach formula
  • Demand calculations (start with the system demand)
  • Supply calculations (start with the water supply to the system) with optional safety margin
  • Calculate any piping configuration - loop, tree, grid, or completely custom
  • Suitable for many suppression system designs including wet, dry, pre-action, deluge, antifreeze, low, medium, and high pressure mist, foam-water, foam concentrate and more!
  • Multiple water supplies fully supported
  • Multiple fire pumps supported
  • Multiple backflow prevention and fixed loss devices supported
  • Can adjust water supply and demand to base of system riser or any other node
  • No artificial limit on number of pipes or nodes (greater than 2000 permitted)
  • Fitting loss coefficient K support (for non-sprinkler work)


  • NFPA 13 (the fire sprinkler installation standard) compliance capable
  • Automatically adapts to paper size
  • Customizable report page header text
  • Customizable node analysis information
  • Customizable pipe information
  • Graphs and text use color to aid readability (optional)
  • Export as pdf, html, or plain text

Syntax Highlighting Data Entry Editor

  • Real time error checking
  • Automatic "proposals" for fast data entry
  • Descriptive node and pipe names up to 8 characters long
  • "LiveLook" information bar for quick system evaluation
  • Robust U.S. and SI unit support - even mixed U.S. and SI units supported
  • Group editing of selected values by type (size, length, elevation, k-factor, etc.)
  • Multiple undo and redo
  • "Popup" helpers for remembering/using material codes, fitting codes, etc.
  • Undefined and unused node list
  • User selectable font
  • User selectable highlighting colors

Calculation Results Window

  • All system, node, and pipe information displayed in tabular format for comprehensive system analysis
  • Pipe and node information sortable by any value
  • User selectable pipe information columns
  • Fully resizable window, displays as much information as it can
  • Persistent - you may keep this window open and in view while editing input data!

Pipe Material Editor

  • View properties and internal diameters of any defined material
  • Edit properties and internal diameters of any material (except default "schedule 40 steel" piping material
  • Enter entirely new pipe materials

Fitting Equivalent Length Editor

  • View equivalent lengths for any defined fitting code
  • Edit equivalent lengths for any defined fitting code
  • Create new global and material specific fitting codes

Liquid Properties Editor

  • View properties of any defined liquid
  • Edit properties of any defined liquid
  • Define new liquids

Equivalent K-factor Calculator

  • Uses the full power of SHC's solver including Hazen-Williams, Darcy-Weisbach, velocity pressures, k-factor liquid adjustment, and more.
  • Can model simple sprigs and drops or entire dead-end branchlines.
  • Familiar data input style similar to SHC's data editor - helper's included.
  • Full integration in the hydraulic calculation report.

DXF Files

  • Import DXF files - the format supported by most CAD applications
  • Automatically define pipes and nodes from drawing's "line" and "lwpolyline" ACAD entities
  • Automatically searches "text" entities for nominal pipe sizes
  • Full preview of generated commands before committing them to the input data
  • Update DXF file after calculation
    • Updated nominal pipe size "text" entities to match SHC's data file
    • Add "text" for node and pipe labels
    • Add "text" for node discharge
    • Add "text" for pipe flow rates
    • Add pipe flow direction arrows